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Friday, August 29, 2008


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I've decided to pretend that politics is real for now.....so on that note - Maria's on the button.

Even with those qualities you and others have pointed out - she is still seems to be woefully ill equipped to be Vice President. She has absolutely (obviously) no foreign policy experience. She has no real economic experience on a national level. She's been governor for 18 months in a state that has no real bearing on the contiguous United States, except for the oil (coincidentally.) By the population metrics, and issues in Alaska, there is basically nothing to say she could get a handle on issues plaguing the US.

Yes, she's a mom....yes, she's covered sports....yes, she's young and beautiful (as far as Vice Presidential nominees go, or politicians for that matter.) But she stands a great chance of being absolutely destroyed in a head to head with Biden. Probably won't happen, as she will be well prepared. I know Republican lifers, government types, over here, that gasped and laughed the whole thing off.

As far as McCain's policies on health care and alternative energy - privatizing it is wrong....and "alternative energies" is a farce. We don't need to find a new source of energy. We need to make machines, i.e. cars, power plants, etc., that run for longer, on much less fuel. This has been a weird thing to me in that (which I've already written about) - why would you try to find new way to power the same machines.....instead of using ingenuity to make superior new ones? It's the question no one has really answered for me.

My favorite quote from the convention comes from Al Gore: "Inconvenient truths must be recognized if we are to have wise governance."

While I think it is good that Senator McCain has, on some issues, served as a bi-partisan leader in the past, I don't believe that he would on the most important issues that our country needs to begin addressing now (if he were elected President).

1. Energy and the Environment. Nothing that McCain has said makes me confident that he will invest in the research and development of alternative energy sources, particularly at the scale necessary.

2. Health Care. In short, McCain wants to privatize it, and I fundamentally disagree with that as policy strategy, much the less philosophically.

I can't wait for the debates! They are always my favorite part of every campaign.

P.S. As a result of McCain's VP pick, some part of me wonders how many potential VP candidates he had to cycle through before finding someone who would say yes. I'm sure she's a fine public servant (expect for the fact that she is from Alaska and for drilling in ANWR), but for VP... Really?

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