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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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I'm not sure if I'd even want him though. I really think he should lobby to stay - why? Because the Lakers will take care of him, because he's homegrown. If his knees go out, with say the Magic, it's not gonna be good. I will miss the NBA, and I will watch whenever they come back - even if they are gone for the year. I hope these guys have saved those millions - Stern is going for the jugular.

The NBA will have a lockout resulting in less money around the league or shorter contracts, meaning the Lakers will be an even sexier destination for top young players like Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin. The Lakers have Bynum, a great trade chip, so they'll be fine.

4 titles in like 11-12 years - in relation to the rest of the NBA, and other teams in other team sports, isn't underachieving. If anything, it's overachieving...or just plain achieving. It's San Antonio! Not Paris, Rome, Tokyo, London, LA, or New York. They got it done...in San Antonio. Could they have one another title? Sure - but that's hypothetical. Winning is winning.

Ce'st la vie. Can't win them all. In hindsight they were too slow and not athletic enough. Happens to the best of them. Dynasties know when to rebuild, but sometimes you get caught out.

Kobe's probably done with his championships--a great career he's had. Unless he agrees to take a supporting role and LA can get Dwight and another top player...or unless Kobe accepts a supporting role and a reduced contract at another team.

What is irritating is the glee~! that Kobe is "overrated" and that Jackson is "overrated". Facebook exploded this weekend. And what's even more galling is that many criticizing Kobe for being a wannabe jordan, not clutch, not a leader, etc etc, will turn around and praise Lebron "Robin" James who hasn't (yet) even begun approaching what Kobe has achieved.

What do you see next for Kobe/Lakers?

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