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Monday, November 03, 2014


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Such an awesome book.

"If your goal is to never make a mistake in your life, you shouldn't look for secrets. The prospect of being lonely but right - dedicating your life to something that no one else believes in - is already hard. The prospect of being lonely and wrong can be unbearable..." - is what resonates with me.

An interesting thought though is once these secrets are exposed, they almost lose their value over time. For example, AirBnB is an awesome experience but from what I've seen it's increasingly getting more expensive as more people use the service. I booked a trip out to SF and it would actually be cheaper for me to get a hotel room due to the listings on AirBnB being more expensive. Same thing with Uber. This past NYE I went out and was terrified of the surge pricing horror stories that I made sure to try and get a taxi home after the bars (or at least tell my friends to not let me order an Uber when I was drunk).

Again, same with Facebook. After Facebook, a multitudinous amount of nearly identical social networks popped up and because of that, the younger, teenager generation is straying away from Facebook and gravitating towards Snapchat and other different networks. https://medium.com/backchannel/a-teenagers-view-on-social-media-1df945c09ac6. While, Facebook and Twitter have hit a critical mass, I think the actual value or worth of the companies will begin to decline. Actually, not Facebook the company but Facebook the site.

Still, one of my favorite parts of the book and one of my favorite concepts in life. Just like you said at your presentation, you got turned down by tons of investors yet turns out they all wish the would have invested. Same thing with Tim Ferriss when he was writing the 4 hour workweek.

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