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Friday, July 22, 2011


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Nothing will ever happen to fix Austin until pro-rail people here are willing to stand up and fight for Austin (including but not limited to cases where Capital Metro must be fought AGAINST!).

For instance, the Red Line forever killed the possibility of a good light rail starter line on the 2000 route. It's now in the process of killing the city's (distant second-best) urban rail plan for lack of money and political will. Notice that in all of this Cap Metro prefers to spend more money for rail for Cedar Park and Round Rock (who don't even pay them taxes!) and still won't contribute money for rail that actually serves Austin (who funds almost all of their budget).

I see no indication anybody but yours truly is willing to do anything but cheerlead, unfortunately.

Good prospective. Austin is a great city but it will have face the realities of traffic and public transportation. After living in London and NY for years I believe that if people would just try public transit, then they might find it is actually much more enjoyable to read a book than sit in stop and go traffic. In addition to lowered expenses from less gas, garage, speeding tickets etc. if there were a more comprehensive transit system you never have to worry about whose driving after a couple of drinks. I like the convenience of driving as much as anyone but having a public transit option is important. I am sincerely hoping for a bike share program too!!


Count me as one of those who would really LIKE to live near a light rail line. Why would someone NOT want this option?

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