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Sunday, January 11, 2015


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I think some LBJ historians would find the film to skew a bit towards grouping LBJ with other Southern politicians of the time, but it turns out well in the end and I think there are a couple explanations 1) LBJ didn't win in '64 and immediately get to building the Voting Rights Act without much pleading from MLK and others and 2) traditionally these films make the white person the hero instead of the Black person (just look at Harrison Ford's role in the Jackie Robinson biopic) and I think this film goes the extra mile to make sure this is about MLK and not about LBJ leading the movement.

Great review Joah. I assigned the film as an extra credit assignment for my students over the weekend but haven't been able to see it myself.

Any thoughts on the portrayal of LBJ? There's been some controversy.

Also, it's a shame that the words of MLK belong to anyone whether its the King family or Spielberg or Oprah. At least Lincoln is in the public domain! Martin Luther King belongs to the entire country.

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